Capital: Hanoi
National Population: 92,477,000
Total Land Area: 310,070 km²
Coastline: 3,444 km
Longest Length: 1,650 km
Narrowest Width: 50 km
Highest Point: Mt. Fan Si Pan – 3,144 m

Currency: Dong (VND) Pronounced Dohng
2014 GDP: $186.2 billion
2014 GDP Per Capita: $2,052

Interesting Facts
National Flower: Lotus
National Animal: Water Buffalo
Literacy Rate: 94%
Largest Exporter of Cashews
2nd Largest Exporter of Coffee
43 million motorbikes

Vietnamese Language
29 Letters
F, J, W, and Z are not Letters
6 Different Tones Tones Change Word Meaning

“Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress
to show their strength and their stability.”

Ho Chi Minh

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Places, Food, Lists, and More

5 Ways to Cross the Street in Vietnam

Find the nearest crosswalk and wait for the signal This is the logical place to start. Head for the nearest intersection and press the.... Oh wait, there is no pedestrian button to press. Though some intersections in Vietnam are set up with pedestrian crossing...

What is Bò Bía Ngọt

Bo Bia is a delicious treat served up by roadside vendors. Some of the ingredients include coconut shavings, honeycomb, black sesame seeds.

What is Mì Quảng

Mi Quang is a Vietnamese dish found in central Vietnam in cities like Da Nang. It consists of rice noodles, a meat like pork or shrimp, and fresh herbs.

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