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Profoundist started as a basic travel blog. After spending only a short time in Southeast Asia, however, we noticed a gap in travel information. We were looking for great, authentic Vietnamese things to do, see, eat, and drink, but all we could find online were top tourist destinations, restaurants, cafes, etc. These were almost always too western, too expensive, or too touristy. These frustrations and desires for more led our little travel blog to focus more on the “local” experience.
As we continued life both in Vietnam and on trips around Southeast Asia, we also noticed another recurring theme. Information and facts to build a clear understanding of the history, culture, or people where we were visiting was just not easy to find and digest. Sure, it’s all available, but it takes time to dig through guide books, find online resources, or piece together signs at museums in order to find the information. This is precious time that should be spent experiencing a place, not facedown searching in a book or on a phone.
Through all of this, we realized that a short-term traveler would struggle to create any meaningful connection with the places they visit. This realization is what led to our philosophy of deep travel: A kind of travel that arms you with the history, language, customs, and trickier facts about a place that may normally take months of living there to learn. It moves us past what we call checklist- or top 10- travel, to a travel experience full of discovery, curiosity, and connection. 
So we have our philosophy, but we don’t want to create just another guide book or travel site full of articles to read. Our founder, Tyler, had a unique passion for podcasts. Podcasts and audio guides free up your eyes and body. They allow you to listen while doing daily tasks, driving, flying, or roaming around a city or site. We went hard to work in creating audio guides to help jump start any traveler into our philosophy of deep travel, and are exciting for many more audio experiences to come. 
Vietnam is the first country we are starting with, but many more are on the horizon. We are proud of the work we are doing and we hope you are too. Like we always say, “Travel Deep”.



Create and curate profound travel experiences.


To inspire people to profoundly connect with the places they travel.


To provide a channel to pay-it-forward and give back to the people and the natural world that provide us with experiences to keep learning.

Who Are We?
We are two ambitious, type-A, semi-homebodies who appreciate stability and a steady income. Yes, the backpacker-vagabond option sounds thrilling and liberating, and we are frankly quite jealous of the “fly-by-night” lifestyle, but that simply is not us. Our goal is to explore the world, find adventure, and continually learn and live life to the fullest while also establishing ourselves, remaining financially secure, and more fully and deeply engaging with the different locations that we are lucky enough to experience.

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